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02fafdaFrequently Asked Questions

What age do the children have to be?


We provide care for children ages up to age 13. There is a small extra fee for infants. 


What is your staffing ratio?


  • Ages 0-1 no more than 2 children per staffer (extra fee)

  • Ages 2-5 no more than 5 children per staffer

  • Ages 6-9 no more than 7 children per staffer

  • Ages 10 - up no more than 8/9 children per staffer

How many children can you care for?


We have extensive experience managing VERY large programs. Our security and management process can scale up to cover and care for large numbers of children in almost any type of host facility. Of course, most programs are much smaller than that and we can adapt our program content and services to fit your particular needs

What do you charge?


There are many variables to factor into program pricing. In general, we charge between $10 - $25 per hour per child. If this seems like a wide range, it’s because so much depends on those variables: number of children, childcare hours, location, activities, special needs, event planning assistance, etc. Another general rule of thumb is that the per-child cost goes down the more children you have in your program – but don’t let that scare you off! The majority of our programs are smaller in number, and we will work with your budget. Contact us, or Submit a request and provide some details, and we can provide you with a much more accurate quote.


Is there a deposit to pay?


For most events there is a non refundable $100 deposit that is required in order to secure your date and time. The deposit is paid by the host. The balance is due no later than 15 days before the event. 

How far will you travel?


Our headquarters are based in Atlanta, Georgia. However our services are not limited to just Atlanta. At the beginning of this year we officially launched nationwide. We travel ANYWHERE. We have professional and certified staff in most regions. Some locations have little to no travel cost. Be sure to contact us for a quote today. 



What about food for the children?


We provide healthy snacks. Children can eat the food that is provided at the event or what their parents bring for them. 

*Meals can be provided upon request and factored into cost. 

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