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Wedding Wire Reviews

1. The Hartleys 

"An excellent all-around experience with KK4E at a wedding in ATL (Callanwolde). Caring, attentive, and professional. Our children really enjoyed themselves and did not want the fun to end. Thanks again!"

2. Saadia Memom 

"We hired Kiddie Keepers for a corporate event and they took care of 33 kids with no problem at all; the kids were all very happy and well taken care of. They took care of everything; Security was excellent and I could not have heard more praise from all of the parents. The company was also very easy to work with, extremely professional and very, very accommodating. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

3. Courtni Reese 


"We hired Kiddie Keepers back in October for our wedding. The kids loved the ladies who kept them during the reception so that was an A+ for us! Before the wedding she was willing to meet me for coffee to go over everything and answer any questions I had. This process made me very comfortable and I knew our son along with the other kids were in good hands! I look forward to booking them in the near future!"


4. L. Major 

"Kiddie Keepers did an amazing job with the kids. I called and emailed around to a few childcare vendors, and my husband and I thought Kiddie Keepers would be the best fit. We love that they were providing everything and had different packages to pick from. We requested a few extra things and they made it happen. The children had a ball. My nephew cried when he had to leave. We originally did not budget childcare in, however we are soooooo glad we did and the parents were too. Thank you Kiddie Keepers! We definitely will recommend you to other people."


5. Amy Dean 

"When I considered providing childcare at my daughter’s reception, our venue event coordinator recommended Kiddie Keepers, and I am so glad. I vetted several providers, and in the end felt that KK was the best fit—not just high tech entertainment, but personal interaction and care. 


Andrea was FANTASTIC! She took care of some very active children, ranging from 2 ½ to 11 years old, and they all obviously had a blast with her. The oldest child could have stayed upstairs with the party, but she preferred being down with the Kiddie Keeper group! From young and lively through sweet and shy to older and more inventive, the children were happily and safely engaged. That's some talent and energy in a provider! Each parent who went down to check on their children raved to me about the care their children were receiving. 


Initially, I had been so uncertain about hiring someone I didn't know to care for our youngest guests, but calling Andrea was one of the best decisions of the reception! Thank you, Kiddie Keeper Andrea!"


6. Vivian Wood


"We hired Kiddie Keepers for our Atlanta wedding in June 2017. By every measure, they exceeded our expectations. When we made the decision that our wedding reception would be "adults only" we originally considered hiring a couple babysitters to run the "kids room" during the reception. Someone mentioned Kiddie Keepers to us, so we went to their web site to see what they had to offer. The packages were very appealing, and the price was very reasonable given the services that were offered. We decided to go with the Premiere package, and we were extremely pleased with the outcome. Kiddie Keepers supervised 15 children during our 5 hour reception, and the kids had a blast! They enjoyed the food, the activities, and the attentiveness of the staff. Even when one of the children (admittedly my own child) acted out and became unruly at one point, Andrea got the situation under control quickly and professionally without any disruption to the reception in the next room. We were extremely pleased with our experience with Kiddie Keepers, and we enthusiastically recommend their services to anyone who needs group childcare for their event. Thank you Kiddie Keepers!!"


7. Lisa Rose 


"We used Kiddie Keepers for our convention. Our attendees were participating in an evening gala similar to a reception and children were not permitted. We used Kiddie Keepers as our childcare option in the hotel. They were AMAZING. As the host, we were incredibly busy and had zero time to prepare the kid space. Kiddie Keepers simply asked for the name of the room and did everything without me! I didn't have to set up, arrange anything or do any clean up!!! Also, the were able to accommodate all of our kiddos ages 2-15, although they can do babies too, you just let them k ow ahead of time. Also, you can adjust your numbers right up until the day, as long as you communicate with Andrea. They were very reasonable for dinner, dessert and goodie bags, movie night, and childcare for 3 hours. The weight off my shoulders was completely removed. We WILL DEFINITELY be using you every year!"


8. Keji Adetola 


"Kiddie Keepers was perfect for the wedding I planned. The parents were impressed that the kids were having a party of their own in the next room so it was a great touch! Andrea came prepared with every possible game for all ages and was super responsive during the pre-wedding process. If you're looking for a great way to keep children entertained during a wedding this is the way to go and this is the company to link up with!"


9. Abbria Hoover 


"AMAZING!! I have a son and I wanted him and my nieces and nephews to be close to me on my Big Day but not so close that the adults couldn't enjoy! Kiddie Keepers was able to do this and more!! The kids ranged from 2-12 and they were able to keep them all entertained. I received SEVERAL compliments from the parents! The value of this service is PRICELESS!!"


10. Private User 


"Kiddie Keepers was very responsive, professional, and did a phenomenal job entertaining the children at our wedding! We debated as to whether we could afford to even have an event babysitting service, but there were many children on our immediate sides of the families and we wanted to make sure they were in a professional and safe environment. Having Kiddie Keepers there alleviated stress for the parents and helped them enjoy the ceremony/reception. Parents told us they were so pleased and grateful for the service. 


We chose to have the option w/ pizza, which was enjoyed by the children much more than what was being served for the adults! They provided 3 babysitters for ~10-15 children at a time in a wide age range. Some of the older children were reluctant at first, but when parents would go to back to periodically check on them, they would not budge from the babysitting room to go the reception. 


I appreciate Kiddie Keepers' quick response to my inquiries and their gathering the information prior to the wedding, including visiting the venue ahead of time. My only regret is not having them stay longer thru to the very end of the wedding as some of the parents had to quickly rush to the babysitting room to pick up the children as soon as the service ended. I thought they were 100% worth it for the ease of mind, help to the parents who wanted to enjoy the wedding, and great care of the kids!"


11. Saudah Parsons 


"Kiddie Keepers 4 Events provided child care services for my July 18th wedding. Andrea and her team were skilled and professional and did a superb job. Everyone was dressed up in a festive Luau theme and the kids all reported that they had a ball! They were engaged with activities and fun for five full hours and each kid left with a bag full of goodies!! Kiddie Keepers exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend them for all your event/wedding childcare needs. Great job, guys!"


12. Private User 


"Very professional and creative!"


13. Chukwuma Ndibe 


"Exceptional and professional vendor. Great attention to detail and awesome follow up considering the target population. The kids had so much fun and were well taken care of. Highly recommended with top marks for anyone seeking for top notch child care services."


14. Private User 


"We hired "Kiddie Keepers" to help with watching a large group of kids at our wedding. We couldn't have been more pleased! They arrived early, had a very professional set-up, and had the kid's full attention with their games and arts and crafts. Perhaps the best indication of their success at our wedding was how pleased all the parents were. Thank you, Kiddie Keepers!"


15. Rosanna Mhlanga 


"The children truly enjoyed the services provided by Kiddie Keepers! They were fully engaged and engulfed in the activities. The take away for each child was simply phenomenal. All the activities were age appropriate!"

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