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Welcome to the first blog post of Kiddie Keepers. Over the past few years Kiddie Keepers has really taken off and has been honored to offer our amazing service to clients for parents. We want to share more of our knowledge with more people. So what better way to get your thoughts down than a blog! I am excited about this new addition to our website. Everywhere you turn on the web there is a new blogger and blog popping up. Kiddie Keepers wanted to add a new twist to our blog. You might On this blog you will read about our company and our adventures as event sitters. We will also be introducing our professional sitters and highlighting individuals (children and adults) who are doing some amazing things in their community, school and business. Lastly, what is a blog without free resources, tips and freebies for parents and entrepreneurs. So it will be important to subscribe and/or frequently visit the page so you don't miss out on all the goodies.

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